ThinkMarkets: What Do Consumers Say about it?

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In the intricate world of forex trading, where the choice of broker can significantly impact one's trading experience and profitability, consumer feedback plays a critical role in evaluating a broker's reliability, service quality, and overall performance. ThinkMarkets, as a prominent player in the forex brokerage industry, has garnered a wide range of consumer responses that shed light on its operations from the trader's perspective. This review aggregates consumer opinions, dissecting them into categories such as customer service, platform usability, market access, account features, and educational resources, providing a comprehensive overview of what traders think about ThinkMarkets.

Customer Service Excellence

A recurring theme in consumer testimonials about ThinkMarkets is the exceptional quality of customer service. Traders often highlight the responsiveness, professionalism, and helpfulness of the support team. Available 24/7 via live chat, email, and phone, ThinkMarkets' customer service is commended for its accessibility and efficiency in resolving issues. Particularly, new traders appreciate the patience and detailed guidance provided by support staff, making their entry into forex trading less daunting.

Platform Usability and Performance

ThinkMarkets offers its clients a choice between the widely used MetaTrader platforms (MT4 and MT5) and its proprietary ThinkTrader platform. Users have expressed satisfaction with the stability, speed, and features of these platforms. ThinkTrader, in particular, receives praise for its user-friendly interface, innovative tools like the TrendRisk Scanner, and seamless mobile app integration. However, some users suggest that while MT4 and MT5 offer deep functionality, beginners might face a steep learning curve before fully leveraging all their features.

Access to Markets and Trading Conditions

The broad range of instruments available for trading through ThinkMarkets—spanning forex pairs, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and stock CFDs—is a point of positive feedback among traders. They value the ability to diversify their portfolios within a single platform. Moreover, competitive spreads and leverage options are highlighted as advantageous, especially by experienced traders looking to maximize their trading strategies. Nonetheless, a few users have called for more transparency regarding slippage and the occasional widening of spreads during high-volatility events.

Account Features and Transparency

ThinkMarkets offers various account types, including Standard, Pro, and VIP options, catering to different levels of traders from beginners to professionals. Consumers appreciate the clear differentiation between these accounts, which allows them to choose based on their trading style, volume, and preferred spreads. The transparent fee structure, with no hidden charges, is also a well-received aspect. However, there are mixed reviews regarding the account verification process, with some traders finding it lengthy but acknowledging its importance for security and regulatory compliance.

Educational Resources and Market Analysis

New and intermediate traders frequently commend ThinkMarkets for the wealth and quality of educational materials provided. From detailed articles and e-books to webinars and video tutorials, these resources are instrumental in helping traders understand market dynamics, develop trading strategies, and stay informed about economic events. The regular market analysis and insights offered by ThinkMarkets are also valuable tools that traders use to make informed decisions. However, some advanced traders desire more in-depth analysis and proprietary research to cater to their sophisticated needs.


The consensus among consumers indicates that ThinkMarkets is a reputable and reliable forex broker, offering an exemplary trading environment characterized by outstanding customer service, robust trading platforms, comprehensive market access, transparent account features, and rich educational content. While there are areas for improvement, such as easing the learning curve for beginners on MetaTrader platforms and enhancing the depth of market analysis for advanced traders, the overall sentiment is overwhelmingly positive. As the forex market continues to evolve, ThinkMarkets appears committed to adapting and enriching its offerings to meet and exceed trader expectations.

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