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As a leading foreign exchange broker, RoboForex has been committed to providing traders with a better trading experience and more trading opportunities. Recently, RoboForex launched an eye-catching promotion: a $40 coupon for free MQL5 trading signals. This article will introduce you to this promotion and share how you can make the most of this opportunity to increase your trading profits on the RoboForex platform.

What are MQL5 trading signals?

MQL5 trading signals is a unique feature launched by MetaQuotes company, which allows traders to subscribe to the trading signals of other traders on the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms and automatically copy their trading operations. This means that you can realize automatic copy trading without trading experience by subscribing to the signals of excellent traders, thereby obtaining more stable and reliable trading income.

Promotion details

On the RoboForex platform, you can get a $40 free MQL5 trading signal coupon by participating in the following promotions:

Activity time: The promotion will be held from June 1, 2024 to August 31, 2024, for a period of three months.

Conditions of participation: All traders who open a real trading account on the RoboForex platform during the event period are eligible to participate.

Coupon Distribution: After the event, a $40 free MQL5 trading signal coupon will be automatically issued to the participating trader accounts.

How to use coupons?

Once you get your $40 free MQL5 trading signals coupon, you can use it on the RoboForex platform by following the steps below:

Subscribe to trading signals: Find the trading signals provider you are interested in on the MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 platform and subscribe to their trading signals using your coupon.

Automatically copy trades: Once you subscribe to a trading signal, your trading operations will automatically copy the trading operations of the signal provider, without any manual action on your part.

Monitoring and Management: You can monitor the trading activity of signal providers on your trading platform at any time and manage your trading settings as needed.

Advantages of Coupons

The $40 Free MQL5 Trading Signals Coupon brings many advantages to traders:

Free trial: You can try the MQL5 trading signal service for free, understand its functions and effects, and provide reference for future trading decisions.

Reduce risk: By copying the trading signals of excellent traders, you can reduce trading risks, improve trading success rates, and achieve more stable trading returns.

Cost savings: By using coupons, you can save the cost of purchasing trading signals, use more funds for actual transactions, and improve fund utilization.


RoboForex's $40 Free MQL5 Trading Signals Coupon provides traders with an excellent opportunity to experience the MQL5 Trading Signals service for free. By participating in this promotion, you can experience the MQL5 trading signal service for free, reduce transaction risks, improve transaction success rates, and achieve more stable transaction returns. Act now to participate in this promotion and increase your trading profits!

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